Hire Our Drunk Driving Attorneys

To Keep Your Record Free Of Penalties

Depending on how much alcohol you had in your body when you were stopped by the police while you were driving, the type of punishment will also depend. Everyone likes to relax on weekends but you must be responsible. Punishment is imminent in any case, so it is best to hire a Grand Rapids DUI Lawyer.

Our lawyers can provide you with adequate assistance in case of this type of violation. Because they have a lot of experience and are constantly following the laws that often change in this area, they can give you legal advice and offer you their services, so that you have as little punishment as possible.

If you had a low percentage of alcohol in your blood, you can get away with a lighter fine that our lawyers can further reduce, but if you had a high percentage of alcohol in your blood, you will face a large fine, revocation of your license.

Grand Rapids DUI Lawyer

No matter what the penalty is, our lawyers will help you make it as low as possible. It will help you to not have your license revoked at all, and if the violation was a big one, then to have it revoked as soon as possible. They are also ready to help you, if you have been sentenced to prison, to reduce it to the minimum possible sentence. They will always try their best to make the fines as small as possible and if they are still large, to divide them into several installments that will be easier for you to bear.

If you have been driving under the influence and are facing a fine for this offense, it is best to hire a Grand Rapids DUI Lawyer right away. We will help you to keep your record free of fines or with as few fines as possible.