All You Need for Adjustment of Status Marriage

A Comprehensive Guide to the Documents Needed for Marriage-Based Adjustment of Status

Marriage is an important commitment and has many implications – both legal and emotional. When seeking to adjustment of status marriage in the United States, there are a variety of documents that you will need to provide proof of eligibility.

Evidence of a Valid: This is the most important document needed to prove that your marriage is legitimate in the eyes of the United States government. Examples of evidence required include a marriage license, joint financial records (bank accounts, insurance policies, etc.), and proof that you and your spouse have lived together for at least two years.

Proof of Legal Entry Into the U.S: If you or your spouse entered the United States without proper documentation, then you will need to provide evidence that you received legal entry into the U.S and are authorized to remain in the country while your adjustment of status is pending.

Adjustment Of Status Marriage

Evidence of Separate Households: This is important proof that you and your spouse are living together in a true marital relationship and not simply claiming to be married for the purpose of obtaining immigration benefits.

Financial Documents: are important when proving that you and your spouse have adequate financial resources to support yourselves in the United States.

Copy of Birth Certificate: Both spouses must provide a copy of their birth certificate in order to prove their identity and relationship.

Other Supporting Documents: Depending on the circumstances, you may also need to provide additional documents to support your adjustment of status marriage application. This could include employment records, medical examination results, proof of vaccinations, etc.

It is important to note that all documents submitted must be current (within 6 months) and should be translated into English if they are not already in the language.